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Since 1956, focusing on innovation, differentiation, quality and design. The quality and customization of each product, the care and detail, the decades-long know-how in the textile industry combined with the commitment to the innovation of processes and techniques are the traits that distinguish us.
Over the years we have won several quality certificates, we have been distinguished several times by our partners and we have stood out for the diversity and quality of our products. We are concerned with the satisfaction of our team, allowing them to undergo continuous training and qualification and we establish principles and practices that allow us to maintain a balance between social, environmental and economic aspects, satisfying current needs without compromising future generations.


António de Almeida & Filhos

Joaquim de Almeida Freitas, founded António de Almeida e Filhos (Outeirinho factory).

A manufacturing unit specialized in weaving for the production of basic fabrics for the internal market


With the ambition of creating a vertical factory, the facilities grow in the areas of Warping, Sizing, Dyeing, Weaving, Stamping, Finishing, Cutting and Confection.

The first exports to international markets are carried out and networks of agents are created in several countries.


Already with a strong presence in international markets, António de Almeida e Filhos builds a Spinning production unit.


With the expansion of the manufacturing facilities and the modernization of the industrial park, it builds a new weaving facility and doubles its production capacity.

At a time when it focuses on the American and European market and guarantees a permanent flow of orders.


With a clear focus on customer satisfaction, it adapts its value proposition and bets on innovation and the development of its own collections.

Business practices that promote a sustainable development are established.


To respond to new market challenges, an investment program is implemented.

Launch of its premium home textiles brand (Home Concept) with the opening of 10 stores in various department stores.

Construction of a new Show Room.

Merger with the Tearfil spinning unit, definitively asserting itself as a vertical company.


The Almeida family, which owns the entire capital, decides to step away from executive management, which will now be carried out by the company's staff.

The new management repositions its product proposal with the introduction of new fibres with greater added value and targets new markets.

MoreTextile Group

Faced with an adverse economic context and as a result of a financial restructuring process, the MoreTextile group assumes the management of António de Almeida e Filhos.


As part of its consolidation strategy as a Group, it implements programs for the rejuvenation and sustainability of the Industrial Know-How.

Makes new investments to strengthen the company's competitiveness.


With decades-long know-how in the textile industry combined with the quality of products, the company enters a new leadership phase.

It is acquired by the current administrator Domingos Ferreira de Almeida ( founder and owner of the company Têxteis DA ).


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