Pure Blends

We care about sustainability

One of our goals is to develop sustainable products combining the care about nature with our commitment to create high quality and comfortable fabrics.

Pure Blends represents this goal achievement by using waste from spinning mill and giving it a new life!

By reusing the spinning waste we obtain a blend of all the fibers used in standard production which are mainly cotton but also modal, lyocel, tencel, wool, cashmere, linen, silk and others.

An efficient industrial process transforms this fiber blend in a new usable yarn.

With this reborn yarn we can produce the smoothest Portuguese Flannel, soft and comfortable bed sheets.

Pure Blends, high quality sustainable products brought to life!

• Fibers selected and sorted by hand
• Chemical dyes free
• Durability (high strength)
• Good moisture control
• Very soft handfeel

Available colors

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